specified module could not be found - classic asp

specified module could not be found - classic asp

I'm running out of energy on what appeared to be a fairly straightforward project at first. This project is to move an ASP application from Win2K to a windows xp system. Technology churn apparently is making this endeavor quite a hassle.

Anyway...my latest problem has to to with the blunt but cryptic error

"the specified module could not be found".

What module?

I have found a link which says that if I identify the module, I can use this command:

regsvr32 %systemroot%\System32\xxxx.dll

My question is, how do I identify said dll? I tried looking in the IIS log, but didn't see anything I could be sure of.

Thanks in advance.

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The "specified module not found" error could be because you don't have iissuba.dll in your C:\Windows\ folder.

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Iissuba is the "subauthentication" module that controls IUSR_machinename's password.

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You can extract iissuba.dl_ from the CD or folder that you installed IIS from..
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