how to fix this exception in blackberry?

how to fix this exception in blackberry?

I am using jxa-1.0 to create Instant Messaging application in blackberry while running the application i m getting exception like " Stream closed".Could you please tell me how to fix this?? or if u have prior experience with Jxa-1.0 pls share your ideas about how to use this one.

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If you want to avoid this error on simulators, you should read the InputStream one byte at a time, try this code (consider NOT using this method when working with a real device, since performance will be affected):.
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    InputStream is = httpConnection.openInputStream(); int data = -1; ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); data =; bos.write(data); while (data >= 0) {  try {   data =;  } catch (Exception e) {   // Replace exception with "-1". 

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This is to handle anomalous End-of-Stream in OS 5.

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data = -1; } bos.write(data); } byte[] byteArray = bos.toByteArray();

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If you are seeing this error message in a simulator, don't be surprised.

I see I/O errors like this quite often in simulators, especially over Direct TCP or Wi-Fi connections.

Some of the newer 5.0 simulators seem to be more problematic than older ones.. If you haven't yet, try it on a real device and it will probably be better..

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