BlackBerry - Handling Custom Protocols

BlackBerry - Handling Custom Protocols

I'm currently developing a BlackBerry application where I need to be able to open the application by clicking a link in an email or web page. The link would contain a string of text that would also need to be made available to the application at runtime.

The iPhone OS allows you to do this through custom protocols (ex. appname://some-other-text) quite easily. Is there similar functionality available in the BlackBerry SDK, or is this going to turn into a pipe dream?

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I have done something like this by registering a custom BrowserContentProvider (using a unique, custom MIME type).

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You then use a URL that returns an web page with the custom MIME type, which will trigger your BrowserContentProvider implementation.

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Part of this implementation can consist of code that launches your application (or bring it to the foreground if already running)..
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There's another class called ContentHandler that you may want to look into as well.

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I haven't used it, but it appears to be able to spawn custom handlers based on certain filename-matching conditions..
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