WPF databinding to System.Data.Linq.Table<T>, how to update the interface?

WPF databinding to System.Data.Linq.Table<T>, how to update the interface?

I have this combo bound to a linq table. Is there a lightweight way to update the UI (combo values that are displayed to the user) when I insert a new record in the linq table?

Basically from what I understand I should have used an ObservableCollection, but I don't want to copy the data back & forth from the linq table to that collection, I only want to have data in the linq table.

Is that possible?


OK Here is what i have done (and still it doesn't work):

    private ObservableCollection<Categories> m_Categories;     private ObservableCollection<Categories> Categories     {         get         {             return m_Categories;         }     } 

in the XAML i have:

                 <ComboBox Name="cmbCategory"                             ItemsSource="{Binding Categories}"                            DisplayMemberPath="Name"                            SelectedValuePath="Id"                            /> 

So, pretty simple.

       //if i have a new category, i want to update the combo's content         if (frmEditCategory.ShowDialog() == true)         {             //get the new category and add it to the ObservableCollection             LibraryDataStore.Instance.Categories.ToList().ForEach(p =>              {                 if (!m_Categories.Contains(p))                 {                     m_Categories.Add(p);                 }             });              //update the target? is this correct?!             BindingExpression be = cmbCategory.GetBindingExpression(ComboBox.ItemsSourceProperty);             if (be != null)                 be.UpdateTarget();              } 

Checked with the debugger, m_Categories contains the new category, but it doesn't show up in the combo.

Also, do you know any good tutorial or blog post about combo binding?...

Thank you in advance

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What you are asking for is not possible.

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You need a mediator of some sort, and you have already identified the correct one- ObservableCollection.

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You have to move the Linq data somewhere if you want your user interface to be notified when it changes.

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You should have one ObservableCollection, which you add your Linq data to, and then you should bind the combo-box to the ObservableCollection rather than directly to the table.

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That is the simplest, most light-weight solution you can create and still receive automatic change notifications..
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