Barca 1.1 Build 840

Barca 1.1 Build 840

این برنامه به شما اجازه میده تا تمام کارهای مهم روزانه خود را مدیریت کنید. به عبارتی تمام قرا ملاقات ها و رویدادها و کارهایی که باید سر ساعت های خاصی انجام بدید و یادداشت هایی که باید بنویسید و هر کار یکه باید انجام بدید را با این برنامه میتونید مدیریت کنید تا یادتون نره.همچنین این برنامه میتونه ایمیلهای شما هم چک کنه و دارای تمام قابلیتهای برنامه های مدیریت ایمیل هم هست.

حجم : 4.0 مگابایت

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[ برای مشاهده لینک ، با نام کاربری خود وارد شوید یا ثبت نام کنید ]

a powerful tool that lets you unite all your important information in one program. Utilize its powerful yet flexible Calendar, Tasks and Planner to schedule events, powerful email engine that makes PocoMail tick, popup Notes to gather information and Diary to keep track of your daily activities; all united with a smart interface that actually encourages you to use the full power of Barca.
Plan your daily duties with the Calendar, in day, work week, week, month and year views
See the big picture and upcoming multi-day events with the Planner, with quarterly and yearly views
See the upcoming Calendar and Planner events at a glance with the Today screen.
Assign and share appointments and tasks with your coworkers
Use handy Barca Sections displayed in the sidebar to streamline your work, including the current month with overview of appointments
Customize your Barca Shortcuts to have all your important mailboxes within easy reach
Get your Email right, with all the advantages of using PocoMail's powerful email engine, including virus and privacy protection, Bayesian filtering, Newsgroup support, and many more
Create Appointments and Tasks directly from your email
Use popup Notes to jot down quick memos, with the ability to email them quickly
Use Diary to track information on long-term projects

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بهترین نرم ا فزار امنیتی Security Tool


Barca v2.5.0.3900

barca gets you through the day with ease, with a top-notch email facility (powered by PocoMail 4) and a powerful Calendar, Planner and Notes.

اموزش ریجیستر کردن برنامه دالبی دیجیتال برای وینمپ
Use the powerful features such as the Focus Box to instantly summarize results in any of your folders, or quickly view only contacts from a certain company, or from a certain telephone area code.

FastStone Image Viewer
Use the built-in Calendar to plan your day, and the integrated Planner to plan your year.

Quintessential Player 4.5
Instant Reply lets you answer any email in two seconds flat, while powerful filters manage it all automatically.

برنامه اپلود عکس
This much power in one application should be illegal! PC Magazine wrote:

This program is worth a look for anyone considering a move away from either of the Microsoft e-mail clients.

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GT2 مخفي كردن اطلاعات در تصوير


PocoSystems Barca Pro v2.8.0.4400 5.09 MB
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