Change management in WordPress

Change management in WordPress

I have a beginner question. What is the best way to address the change management issues in WordPress? I have an all-pages WordPress installation. Suppose name of some event or an entity changes from A to B, then I have to go to all the pages to make that change. Is there any better way of doing it? Like externalization or something. Or the way similar to how WordPress handle blog name using bloginfo() function. You change blog name at one place and it is reflected everywhere.

Thanks, Paras

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If a URL on your site changes, it is always wise to leave a redirect to the new page. when do i use wordpress [closed]This will guidance your visitors and search engines. How to hide commpletely comments in a wordpress pageIf you create redirects, it doesn't matter too enough if you still have a link to the old address in one of your posts. Wordpress working locally then uploadingThere will probably be a plugin for this, although I don't know which one.. WordPress Post Thumbnail If you really want to keep all links pointing to the latest version, you could replace them with shortcodes this are evaluated to the real URL. Restrict access to WordPress site<a href="[linkto postid=123]"> would then result in <a href="/2010/08/05/any -post">. Is Plone doing enough to keep up with other CMSes?I think this is doable, although I don't know whether a plugin already exists for this.. You must also use this technique to replace short snippets, like your company name. The Shortcode API is really easy:.
// [company_name] function replace_company_name($atts) {     return "My Aweany  Company"; } add_shortcode('company_name', 'replace_company_name');   // More generic // [replace r='company_name'] // [replace r='company_motto'] function do_replacement($atts) {     $replacements = array(         'company_name' => 'My Aweany  Company',         'company_motto' => 'A Company so Aweany  even you would want to job here!',     );      return $replacements[$atts['r']]; } add_shortcode('replace', 'do_replacement'); 
You must hardcode the strings in your plugin code, or you could create a Wordpress options page where users must add and edit new shortcodes..

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