Installing Wordpress in its own directory (

Installing Wordpress in its own directory (

Hi I'm planning to set up a blog for a site and I heard that Wordpress is an easy way to go. However I'd like to install it on its own directory (I don't want all that Wordpress stuff touching or 'sandboxed' in its own place not touching the other stuff outside or my root directory).

Is this possible? I've never used WP before, I'd like some suggestions to any other alternative ways that I can set up a blog (I also use Dreamweaver CS4 if that helps).

Thanks for reading!



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Yes this is possible, just specify all the correct info during install. In WordPress how do you register built-in taxonomies with custom post types in code?
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You'll probebly need to open a directory, using the server C-panel, and than U must install WP inside this directory. how to use plus sign instead dashes in wordpressBy the way, most C-panels have WP auto installer.. Wordpress loop show limit posts

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