Google Analytics for Wordpress not working

Google Analytics for Wordpress not working

I have the Google Analytics for wordpress plugin produce by

I have it installed on two blogs. On one it works perfectly... the other it does not work.

Both designs are custom designed. As such the only thing i can think is that the designs are coded in different ways such that the plugin inst inserting the code into one of my sites.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?


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Look in the page source of each site to see if GA is loading. WordPress TEMPLATEPATHUse Firebug as well, to see what's loading in terms of the javascripts involved with GA.. How do I add another avatar to the wordpress default ones? Is <?php wp_head(); ?> in header.php of your theme? That's required for plugins to load. In WordPress how do you register built-in taxonomies with custom post types in code?See Function Reference/wp head « WordPress Codex. WordPress Custom Post Types - Pretty Permalinks
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