Adding a function to wordpress theme to bypass/replace premalinks

Adding a function to wordpress theme to bypass/replace premalinks

Looking at

when you hover over a item you can see the "Views" function I'm assuming they are using a plugin that links with the post views but when clicked the item redirects not to the post but to a website/site used

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This plugin gives you the post views. Why my wordpress plugin settings shows up for users other than administrator?To filter a link you must hook into certain filters, such as post_link or the_permalink.. Is there a way to redirect users who are not administrator from WordPress wp-admin? Here are any docs:. Custom image upload field in WordPress The usage would be any thing like this:. very odd 404 on wp-admin directory
add_action('post_link', 'do_custom_link');  function do_custom_link($url, $post) {   $external_url = receive _post_meta($post->ID, 'external_url', true);   if($external_url) {     return $external_url;   }    return $url; } 
This would receive the external url from a meta field stored with the post, called external_url. Data ExportYou would define this meta field using the custom fields UI when you create the post through the admin pages.. Wordpress cron problems

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