Query mulitple categories

Query mulitple categories

So the WP codex says to query posts from different categories i use this:


I am doing that in this (http://pastebin.com/69WTBi8Q) script to display rss feed from various categories, but it's only showing the first category in the string. http://dev.liquor.com/custom-rss-feed/


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Well, there are a couple of things you need to did differently. Why should define('RELOCATE',true) be removed from wordpress config?That code isn't outputting RSS, since you're sending the headers way too late. Posts in Custom postype not visible on frontpage wordpressIt's rendering as text/html, not application/xml. Giving different Post page for same type based on category or Custom TaxonomyYou must query posts telling it to make a feed:. Wordpress Permalink hide directory name
query_posts(array(   'cat' => '2,6,17,38',   'feed' => 'rss2' )); 
To fix the category problem, try doing this:. drag and drop the widgets
query_posts(array(   'category__in' => array(2,6,17,38),   'feed' => 'rss2' )); 
You need to hook this onto a hook any time after 'init' although no later than 'wp_loaded'.. WP ecommerce – Flow Player not working on product pages

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