Single Sign On on multiple domains

Single Sign On on multiple domains

We have two websites with different domain names. One of them is a wordpress site. Both websites have their own authentication system.

For the sake of convenience, it was decided to have a single authentication for both website and making use of session cookies. I searched about it and got to know about Single Sign On. Can anybody tell me how to implement SSO when one of the website is a wordpress site(if this makes any difference)? I would highly appreciate if any help comes.

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Pretty simple actually.

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From the non-wordpress site, you just need to make the login form connect to the wordpress database and check the user-provided credentials.

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Wordpress uses an md5 password hash, so make sure you hash the users password with the md5() function before passing it to the database.

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Handle the return results as normal..
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One note, make sure that your database user has permissions from the connecting host.

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If both sites are hosted on the same server (and IP), it won't be an issue regardless.

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If not, you need to make sure the database user either has permissions from the second IP or from everywhere ('user'@'%')..

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