What are some alternatives to RedirectToAction?

What are some alternatives to RedirectToAction?

On my HomeController I have an index action which redirects to the index action of the CustomerController via the RedirectToAction method. In this instance I don't like how RedirectToAction modifies the URL showing mysite.com/Customer. Are there some alternative mechanisms to performing a redirection that will allow me to still leverage the index action from the CustomerController?

public RedirectToRouteResult Index() {     return RedirectToAction("Index", "Customer"); } 

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As I understood it, RedirectToAction uses a reverse lookup on the routing table to generate its URL.

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So if you've told the Routing module that you want to map "/Customer/Index" to Controller Customer and Action Index then RedirectToAction will take your Index and Customer arguments and convert them to "/Customer/Index"..
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So if you want to change the behaviour of RedirectToAction you simply need to change your routing rules..
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