Id with / causes problems with routing [duplicate]

Id with / causes problems with routing [duplicate]

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I'm playing around with Raven DB and MVC 2. By default, the id in Raven will be e.g. "suggestions/1234" for an entity called Suggestion.

This causes problems with routing when I write like this:

<%: Url.Action("Delete", "Suggestion", new { id = suggestion.Id }) %> 

The url will be /Suggestion/Delete/suggestions/14337 which won't work.

Can this be solved in the routing, or do I have to change the format of the id in Raven? And how do I do that?

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Change your route from {controller}/{action}/{id} to {controller}/{action}/{*id}.

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This is called a "catch-all" route; more details on MSDN..
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Alternatively, you could pass the id as a query parameter..
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You will not be able to encode the forward slash by default.. Change the id to suggestions_1234 or try to use this setting:.
<uri>      <schemeSettings>         <add name="http" genericUriParserOptions="DontUnescapePathDotsAndSlashes" />     </schemeSettings> </uri> 
I did not check if the config setting works yet.

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