Getting Http 403.14 error

Getting Http 403.14 error

I have a MVC project and trying to host my web site using IIS 7.0 on my local desktop. My desktop has Vista x64 bit machine.

I m getting 403.14 error. I have already tried the microsoft suggeston, but that doesn't help me.

Does anyone know any other solution?


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You may not have the default document specified properly in IIS. Validation not firing even when my form is obviously invalid But without details, I can't tell you enough more than that.. mvc datannotation password validate
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I just had this problem and tried several possible solutions, although none of the worked. Why am I getting “The directive 'control' is unknown” error in ASP.NET MVC? It turns out this I had inadvertently created a directory structure this had the same name as my controller and activity.. For example, I had a URL like http://localhost:55501/Product/Preview/2 and there was also a Directory like ~/Product/Preview/2. I would have found it enough faster, although I was certain I didn't have a directory named this way...... So, double check this you don't really have a directory this is named with the same path as the URL..

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