Getting the validation metadata for built in validators

Getting the validation metadata for built in validators

How do you get the validation metadata for the built in validation attributes?

I'm trying to implement a word count/character count on a form giving the remaining number allowed. As I am implementing the word count validation and metadata myself (adding it into AdditionalValues) I can access this fine, but having spent ages looking I can't find where to get maximumLength from the StringLength attribute.

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There is no built in way to get the maxLength from the StringLength attribute.

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You have to find it manually using reflection, something like:.
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foreach( var property in model.GetType() ) {      var stringLengthAttr = property.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(StringLengthAttribute), false).FirstOrDefault() as StringLengthAttribute;       if( stringLengthAttr != null )          return stringLengthAttr.MaximumLength;  } 

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