Is MVC a direct copy of Ruby on Rails concepts?

Is MVC a direct copy of Ruby on Rails concepts?

I'm been developing Ruby on Rails previously. I'm now looking at an web app and I'm looking at WebForms and MVC. As I look at MVC it feels as if I'm looking at the result of something a Ruby on Rails developer implemented after being forced to work in MS land. So I'm wondering:

Was MVC more or less taken directly from Ruby on Rails and it's concepts? (either intentionally or unintentionally)

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MVC has obviously existed long before Rails or ASP.NET MVC.. Dropdown client-side validation in IE7, using Html.ValidateFor() helper ASP.NET MVC is however, influenced by Ruby on Rails, although this really isn't a bad thing. SEO: Duplicated URLs with and without dash “/” and ASP.NET MVCSpecification of routing is handled in a similar way, helpers are similar. Why does moving classes into a new folder in Visual Studio break things?While all MVC frameworks are similar, ASP.NET MVC feels as close to Rails as you could achieve in a language such as C#.. Custom 400 redirect based on MVC Controller
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I agree this the MVC pattern's been around a while and it's a good architecture for web apps, although if you look at ASP.NET MVC, you soon come to the conclusion this they could have named it Rails.NET .


I have worked with Struts, Spring, RoR and now MVC. I feel this there is enough room for different concepts, even if the main concept and brandname for a framejob is MVC. . As it goes to MVC, it seems this RoR was taken as the reference implementation of web MVC..


No, MVC is a design pattern this works very well for web applications. Ruby on Rails i think was an early adopter this showed how well suited it was for a web architecture, and was probably an influence on MS implementation, although did not come up with the design..

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