Can Response.Redirect work in a private void MVC 2 Function?

Can Response.Redirect work in a private void MVC 2 Function?

I have a private void function set for some validation. Should my validation fail, I would like to redirect to another ActionResult and kill the process for the ActionResult that was being used. Response.Redirect("controllerName") does not help. Any ideas?

[Accept(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult NerdDinner(string Name) {    testName(Name);    ...    Return RedirectToAction("ActionResultAAA");  }  private void testName(string name)   {     if(name == null)     {         //Response.Redirect("ActionResultBBB");     } } 

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You can use Response.Redirect wherever you like but you need to provide a proper (relative or abolute) URL, not just an action name.

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However, it would be preferable to stick to the MVC pattern and do something like this:.
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[Accept(HttpVerbs.Post)]  public ActionResult NerdDinner(string Name)  {     ActionResult testResult = testName(Name)    if (testResult != null) return testResult;    ... mvc IDataErrorInfo validation when using ViewModel
return RedirectToAction("ActionResultAAA"); } private ActionResult testName(string name) { if(name == null) { return RedirectToAction("ActionResultBBB"); } return null; }

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